Berlitz Australia

Cross-Cultural Training and Consulting

To communicate effectively while doing business in today's global economy, you need to understand foreign cultures, their values, culture and business practices in every detail and interpret them correctly.

With over 550 training centres in more than 70 countries, Berlitz is a global provider of cross-cultural training programs to complement our language training. The network of Berlitz locations, experts, trainers and consultants guarantees up-to-date and fast access to all important information regarding any target country.

Berlitz is the provider of choice for many of the world's leading companies. 'Click here' to learn more about which clients choose Berlitz for their cultural solutions.


Cross-cultural training can help employees and managers develop the skills they need to work in multicultural environments whether it be here in Australia or overseas. By possessing an awareness and understanding of the cultural dynamics of your colleagues, employees, clients and suppliers, you are able to improve your relationships with people from anywhere in the world. Just by being aware of aspects of a different corporate culture, national culture and individual perspectives can help minimise culture shock, adjust more easily and develop the necessary skills to be effective.


Berlitz will enable you to:

  • Establish effective cross-functional and multi-cultural teams
  • Build cohesive and productive multicultural and virtual teams
  • Develop critical relationship-building skills for employees
  • Support employee family adjustment pre-departure and upon arrival
  • Leverage and retain global talent developed through successful
  • Provide you with immediate and affordable training with our suite of online programs
  • Demonstrate greater cultural effectiveness and accountability while managing international employees and projects
  • Exhibit cultural competence while maximising employee contributions
  • Leverage the diversity of your workforce to achieve maximum performance, reduce risk, enhance innovation and effectiveness
  • Integration cultural understanding to achieve successful mergers & acquisitions
  • Advance global joint ventures and outsourcing opportunities


Berlitz Cultural Consulting offers you the following advantages:

  • Consultant services to plan your training programs that match your needs
  • Tailor-made content designed for your company, industry type, and for each situation
  • Utilise over 130 years of Berlitz' experience in operating in a global environment
  • Follow-up support after the training is complete worldwide
  • Multiple delivery formats – online, mobile and face-to-face training sessions
  • Analysis of individual characteristics of each person's style with the aid of the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI)


Our cultural programs are ideal for small business owners, large corporate clients with staff relocating abroad or who have recently arrived. On a worldwide scale, Berlitz also provides extensive cultural training for governments, embassies and diplomats, general managers and families preparing for living and working in a new host country.


Berlitz Cross-Cultural solutions are customised to suit each situation in order to better understand new cultural rules, taboos, office conduct, customs, business ethics and style of effective communication and interaction that will improve your ability to work with different cultures.