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General Ability:

General Ability may be referred to as the General Aptitude testing or IQ (Intelligence Quotient) testing. They all refer to much the same thing. 

An amount of mystery surrounds General Ability testing. This is probably because it is not an actual subject such as Science or Mathematics, nor is it taught in schools. General Ability testing is based upon the student’s ability to think and reason, but most of the questions are based on normal classroom subject matter.

The Selective School entrance test is made up of Maths, English, Writing and General Ability.

We offer variety of programs for general ability, including:

tick box  English

tick box  Spelling

tick box  Writing

tick box  Mathematics



Opportunity Classes (Years 3 & 4):

Opportunity classes in New South Wales, Australia are government primary school operated by the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities for gifted and talented children. Please refer to this link for a listing of Schools with Year 5 Opportunity Classes -

Children gain opportunity class placement on the basis of academic merit. The main criteria for determining academic merit are Opportunity Class Placement Test results combined with school assessments. Comments made by parents and principals may be considered at the discretion of the selection committee.

Some general characteristics of gifted and talented children are listed below. It is important to note that academically gifted and talented children will not necessarily demonstrate all of these characteristics.

Is your child gifted? A gifted child:

  • learns rapidly and quickly grasps new concepts
  • has an excellent memory
  • is creative or imaginative, e.g. produces many ideas or is highly original
  • is independent - may prefer to work alone
  • has a keen sense of humour
  • may be highly motivated, particularly in self-selected tasks
  • has unusual or advanced interests
  • demonstrates exceptional critical thinking skills or problem-solving ability
  • may have superior leadership and interpersonal skills
  • frequently asks in-depth, probing questions
  • may demonstrate a high degree of social responsibility or moral reasoning
  • possesses a large, advanced vocabulary
  • has superior insight and the ability to draw inferences or is intuitive
  • is an advanced reader either in English or in the home language.


Selective Schools (Years 5 & 6):

Selective high schools cater for highly achieving, academically gifted students. These schools can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping gifted and talented students together, concentrating school resources and using specialised teaching methods. 

How does the Selective School Test Course benefit my child?

  • Speed and accuracy - Selective School Test Course increases students' accuracy and speed. (e.g. General Ability test paper comprises 60 questions in 40 minutes – 40 seconds per question)
  • Reading the question - Believe it or not, many students make mistakes by reading the question incorrectly or misunderstanding the question all together.
  • Test taking strategies - Learn the most effective test taking strategies. Whether it be reading, writing or multiple choice.
  • Tracking results - Weekly result sheets indicate a student's weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which areas the students need to improve on.
  • Parents can get an idea which score level their child will achieve in the actual exam and make or revise the most suitable school choices in their application.

At Berlitz, we offer comprehensive tutoring courses that help your child get the best test score possible. This is our pricing and timetable: 

 General Ability                                         $60/class/week  icon  Saturday 10am-1pm; 1.30pm-4.30pm
 OC Coaching  $60/class/week
 Selective Schools  $65/class/week

All classes are 10 weeks term. All prices exclude course materials and GST.