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Year 7-10 tutoring programs

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English courses:

Berlitz's English courses aim to build a strong foundation in:

tick box reading comprehension
tick box textual analysis skills
tick box writing skills
tick box good study habit

In Year 9-10, students are exposed to the literature and critical thinking that is required of them in later years, ensuring their early learning contributes to their familiarity and confidence when they study English at HSC level. Students who begin engaging in their study seriously early on achieve higher results at the end of Year 12 whilst our Year 9-10 English courses are planned carefully with the HSC in mind.

In our English courses, students are widely exposed to writing techniques in a variety of contexts and subject areas. Essay writing assignments are compulsory in most subjects, thus proficiency in Writing is advantageous across disciplines. Essay writing is an essential skill for years 7-12. This new course will help students develop the necessary skills to compose first-class responses. Over the ten week course, we will focus on:

tick box  Introduction to various genres

tick box  Developing effective structures

tick box  Building useful vocabulary

tick box  Recognising and analysing literary techniques

tick box  Creating and sustaining a logical argument

tick box  How to quote and reference


year 7-10


The course will focus on the English curriculum but it will also be relevant to many other subjects such as History (Ancient and Modern), Studies of Religion, Geography, Business Studies, Legal Studies, PDHPE and other courses which require essay responses.

Math courses:

Year 7 and Year 8 courses: The early years of high school are crucial in developing fundamental mathematical ability and algebraic thinking. If students learn how to think and work mathematically in these critical years, they become equipped with the skills needed for better understanding in Mathematics in the senior years. Students need to become more confident as the transition from primary to high school mathematics is quite significant. In this course we teach concept by concept and build the foundation of high school mathematics. Students become more confident as they overcome the difficulties in mathematics.

Year 9 and Year 10 courses: Our Year 9 and Year 10 courses focus on the conceptual understanding of all Mathematics areas in Stage 5 to ensure that students are fully confident in their mathematics ability. Our courses give students a head start for Year 11 Mathematics.

Homework assistance:

We also offer tutoring services for assisting students complete their homework. Subjects can be varied, including English, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, and so on. 

Here is our price and timetable:

English courses                                   $60/class (max. 4 students) icon After school: 4.30pm-6pm; 5.30pm-7pm
Math courses $60/class (max. 4 students)
Homework assistance $60/class (max. 4 students)

All classes are 10 weeks term. All prices exclude course materials and GST.