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Language Training

Berlitz has been educating the world for 135 years.

As part of our normal language training services, we teach more than 50 languages in a traditional face-to-face format, in private one-on-one classes with your own teacher, in small group classes, as well as intensive total immersion language training. There are many options to suit your own situation and preference. Berlitz also has online training options including the Berlitz Virtual Classroom for live lessons and CyberTeachers for online self-study courses.

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Private 1-on-1 Classes

Private instruction provides personalized, one-on-one language learning that can be highly customized.

IELTS Test Preparation

Berlitz private 1-on-1 IELTS training will help you focus on improving the skills that you need for higher scores.

eBerlitz Online Training

Learn a new language anywhere with eBerlitz. Now you can learn a new language at home, at the office or on the road.

Corporate Training

Extensive range of 1-on-1 and Charter group classes for employees at all levels. Find out why 400 of the Fortune 500 firms use Berlitz worldwide for language training.

Total Immersion Service®

Berlitz Total Immersion® is our fastest and most intense language learning solution.

Small Groups

Study together in a small group with friends, family or colleagues to learn from each other and reduce the cost. A fun and easy way to learn at lower cost.


Berlitz Kids and Teens

Childhood is the easiest time to learn a foreign language. They naturally immerse themselves in the new language.

Berlitz Study Abroad

This is ideal for anyone who wants to effectively learn a new language and discover the country and its culture at the same time.




Benefits of Berlitz language training

Course participant needs come first

We carry out a clear and precise analysis of your learning needs: what your goals are, what your situation is, and identify your strengths and capability, so you have a very clear understanding of the skills that you need to develop. This means that every Berlitz course is tailored to your personal needs.

Talk and think in your target language from the very beginning.

Intensive speaking time in every class

In every Berlitz language course, classes are only private 1-on-1 or in small groups with a native-speaking instructor. This maximizes the amount of time that you spend on learning the key skills of a new language. This is at the heart of the Berlitz language teaching method. Only this active, lively form of learning guarantees that you will be able to communicate in your new language quickly and without any inhibitions.

Targeted teaching

To achieve a balance between fluency and accuracy of expression, we give you the opportunity to practice the language freely. As you do so, we give you pointers and tips on how to improve and you gain the essential confidence needed in using structures and in expressing yourself.

Intuitive grammar

Grammar is corrected in a way to achieve a balance between accuracy and fluency. Dull grammar exercises are a thing of the past, instead you learn how to use grammar correctly by actively speaking - "intuitively", so to speak.

Appropriate learning

Using practical orientation aids, we work with you during lessons to find out how you prefer to learn and how you learn most effectively. Your personal learning strategy thus becomes part of the course. The choice of course materials also follows this principle and is based on your needs.

No-one is overwhelmed or under-challenged on our courses; instead, every student is always involved in the lessons according to their own personal learning level. This guarantees fast progress and thus a high level of motivation. The 10 Berlitz levels provide the optimal prerequisites for perfect entry onto the course. They enable your language potential to be accurately assessed.